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Get Started with the Zonus WordPress Theme

Getting started with the inLaw theme is very easy. Once you have activated your theme, you will see a new menu called ‘inLaw’ that is added to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Register your theme

The first thing you need to do after installing the theme is to register your theme. You will get many features like Auto Update, Our huge template library, Premium Support and more when your theme is registered. So let’s get started.

Registering the theme

Point 1: From the WordPress Dashboard, go to the inLaw > Welcome tab page.
Point 2: Enter your license key in the Theme License field. You can learn how to get your license key here.
Point 3: Click the Save Changes Button and activate the license.

If you have successfully registered your theme, then you should see your license details and registration status as “Registered” like below.

Install Required & Recommended plugins

Now go to the plugins tab or click on inLaw > Install Plugins menu.
You will find the list of all required and recommended plugins on this screen. You can install/activate all required and recommended plugins on this page. Please note that some premium plugins may require you to have your theme registered first to install them. For example, you need to register/activate the license for your theme to install and use OneElements Pro. This is why you have registered our theme in the above section first so that we can install and activate all plugins easily.

Install Demo

The next thing you may want to do is to import the theme demo. We recommend installing a demo on a fresh site. Importing demo on the existing production site may override your existing content. So, please keep it in mind.

Installing the default demo – screenshot

If you have installed the One Click Demo Import Plugin in the above step then you will see a new menu called Install Demo under the Dashboard > Appearance menu. Click on the Install Demo menu and you will see a list of available demos to import. You can also see the live demo before importing any demo. Then click on the “import demo” button to import any demo to your site. Once you have imported a demo, visit your site, you will see the imported content. Now you can edit imported content with your own content.

Get Support

It is very easy to get stuck somewhere. We all face such situations in life. If you face any issue or need any kind of help, please feel free to contact our support. You can open a support ticket on our forum by clicking here.