Product Documentations


How to get support

We offer support for all the users of our themes according to the Themeforest Item Support Policy.  We provide support via our support forum.

The process to receive support:

  • You need to create an account on our site first.
  • Then sync your Envato purchase key and get your license key from our site. You can find the details example on how to sync your Envato purchase key here and here.
  • Register your theme using a new license key from your dashboard > ThemeName eg. inLaw
  • Then open a support ticket on our forum under the category with product name eg. inLaw.
  • Tell us about the issue you are fa and if necessary, include a link or some images which may help us identify the cause. then one of our support engineers will help you ASAP.

Premium Theme Support Requirement

  • You must have active support on your Envato Account to post topics or replies on the forum.
  • If your support period has expired, please consult the Envato Support Renewal page for information on how to extend your theme support.
  • Bugs can be reported via our email address at even if your support period has expired.
  • Premium Theme Support members have access to bug fixes as soon as they are available.
  • Members with expired support have access to the bug fixes in the next theme update.

Some information regarding your personal sensitive information:

Please do not post your personal or sensitive information, for example, your site login access in the forum without marking it private. We will delete any personal and sensitive information that is posted publicly in our forum as soon as we see it.
However, you can provide us temporary access to your site for on-site debugging and help. We will NEVER save your credentials and Never share it to protect your privacy. We highly recommend you change your credentials after you have received assistance from for the peace of your mind.

Support Schedule and Language

Support is provided from Sunday to Thursday.
Time: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM (GMT +6)
Official Support Language: English

Our Support Policy

We recommend checking the following before submitting a support ticket

  • Check the documentation. Maybe you will find a solution to your issue in the doc faster.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the theme and theme recommended plugins installed because the new theme and plugins always come with bug fixes.
  • Disable all third-party plugins. Because often most issues are caused by a third-party plugin conflict.

Support includes:

  • Guidance on the theme features and settings.
  • Fixing the reported bugs/issues.
  • Product related questions or issues.

The following issues are not covered by support:

  • Server configuration and complex server-side issues.
  • Customization and installation service.
  • WordPress general support and howtos. For this, you can search on the forums or check the web for tutorials.
  • Support for the third party software and plugins or other issues that are not related to our product.

When posting an issue:

  • Please provide as much information as possible.
  • Post your site URL or if necessary some images which may help us identify the problem. Additional information may be requested later by our staff. The solution will come faster if we receive most details from the start.
  • If you made modifications on the theme code, please mention them and provide a full description