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How to get the license key

You need a license key to use any of our premium products. You can get a license very easily.

Follow the following steps to get your license key:

Step 1: Login to your account. if you have no account simply create one for free

Step 2: Go to your purchase history page.

Step 3: (Envato customer only) How to generate a license key on our site.

  1. Find your Envato Purchase Key.
    You can find more details on how to get your purchase key here.
  2. Fill the [Sync envato purchases] field with your Envato Purchase Key. and hit the Sync license key button

    Point 1: Insert your Envato Product Purchase Key in the Sync Envato Purchases field.
    Point 2: Click on the Sync License Key button to sync your Envato purchase.

Step 4: Find your license key on our site.

  1. Go to the License page.

    Point 1: You can see your license key as well as download details by clicking on the “View Details and Downloads” link
    Point 2: You can see your license key by clicking on the “View license” link.
  2. Copy the license Key.
    You can copy the license from the license page. See the screenshot below.

    Point 1: Click on the “Key” icon to reveal the license key
    Point 2: Click on the License Key to Copy it to your clipboard